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Queen an Rob Zombie are basically the same.

Funny, Rob Zombie and Queen have exactly the same scene in their video, not similar, but the same.

First 10 Seconds of Dragula by Rob Zombie.

First 20 Seconds of Under Pressure by Queen.

Other than that they both feature explosions and crowds of people.

Who would have thought? :D


Like penguins? Wanna help preserve and research them, without paying money or even getting up? Like to see photos of penguins?

But still want to *actually* help?

There is a really cool project called Penguin Watch that might interest you!

EU and US delivered weapons to oppose IS(IS) and…

So the EU and the US sent weapons to the “moderate rebels” in Iraq, against IS (former ISIS). I was a bit like “Yeah great, sending weapons for peace. That’s how it works /sarcasm”.

Well, turns out that the weaponized groups now kidnaps people, sells them to the IS, now they have a ceasefire and soon I am sure they’ll have a nice economy based on weapons. Kinda like we progressive, western nations.


But wait.. there is more they have in common with some western countries, like forbidding the teaching evolutionary theories, using social media for marketing, etc. Maybe that’s enough for a ceasefire?

Watching a Barack Obama speech became a really disturbing thing. :(

He kinda sounds like George W. Bush these days. I really thought there was at least some minor, maybe even only some rhetorical difference between the two parties. Looks like I was wrong.

You once were cool, America. So long ago.
(politically of course, you folks are still cool, maybe it’s time to stand up and show it to the world! Will help wherever I can. It’s not any better here.)

You know… there are constantly dying people seeking asylum at Europe’s borders. That’s something that could be stopped, just like that. But people don’t give a fuck about other people these days anymore.

Someone says something politically and the whole world is shocked. There is a new iPhone, a new book and people camp in front of stores. People die and nobody gives a fuck. That’s so SICK!

Possible explementation for Russian politics

In demanding written legal guarantees from NATO that its BMD system is not aimed at Russia, the Russian government has consistently brought up broken promises from U.S. officials from 1990, that NATO would not move “one inch” toward the East. Western leaders have repeatedly denied that promise was made.

Since 1999, NATO has annexed 12 countries that had been members of the Warsaw Pact. Three of these last had been members of the Soviet Union itself.



(Source: Wikipedia)

Also don’t forget that that the NATO/US for years now works on surrounding Russia with their so called “National Missile Defense System” (national defense, as in missiles in Poland, etc.)

I guess we are the aggressor. :(

PS: Not saying that Putin or whoever is good. HE IS NOT!

See also: Der Spiegel - Five Years Ago, Documents Exposed NATO’s Lies About Eastward Expansion

Oh and for people not living here. Russia and the European union actually had really good, friendly economical relations, even though they used to be the greatest enemies only some decades ago. There were no lies, aggressions or whatsoever.

Scotland, the UK and the US

So now the Barack Obama says he wants to have Scotland as part of the UK I hope people realize how important it is to become independent and not have an other part of the island or even some country across the ocean decide over them - no matter whether they remain part of the UK or as their own nation.

Also I really hope that people know this isn’t about borders, but independence. Even the European Union managed to become border-less, so why wouldn’t two independent nations, sharing one island be able to live border-less?

Whatever the opinion of people in Scotland might be, I really hope it will be their opinion that counts, not the UK’s nor the opinion of the US or Barack Obama.