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Edward Snowden: 'If I end up in chains in Guantánamo I can live with that'

It’s 2014 now. That means there are a thousands of teenagers now whose families have been slaughtered by the US and for over a decade have been haunted by drones.

Five Eyes - Whom do they target?

So you think, the Five eyes spies on terrorists and so on. Well, depends on whom you consider a terrorist, but here are some people they target(ed).

  • Charlie Chaplin, British comedian, filmmaker, and composer
  • Strom Thurmond, candidate in the 1948 U.S. presidential election
  • Nelson Mandela, South African activist, lawyer, and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa
  • Jane Fonda, American actress, writer, political activist and former fashion model
  • John Lennon, British musician, songwriter, and a lead singer of The Beatles
  • Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, former chief military observer of the United Nation Peacekeeping Force in Bosnia and the current President of Indonesia
  • Angela Merkel, German politician, former research scientist, and the Chancellor of Germany
  • Diana, Princess of Wales, opponent of the international usage of land mines
  • Kim Dotcom, German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur, businessman, and hacktivist

(Source: Wikipedia)

Did you know…?

Did you know that in 2012 Austria changed their national anthem (composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) to be gender neutral, adding daughters, replacing brother choirs with cheering choirs, etc.?

See Wikipedia

PS: Still don’t like it though. ;)

CISPA is back with a new name: "CISA"

Study: Half of black males, 40 percent of white males arrested by age 23