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Government agents 'directly involved' in most high-profile US terror plots

European Court Says CIA Ran Secret Torture Prison in a Polish Forest

The court ruled that Poland had violated Articles of the European Convention on Human Rights that cover torture, the right to liberty, and the right to an effective remedy for victims of crime.

It ordered Poland to pay al-Nashiri 100,000 euros in damages and 130,000 euros to Zubaydah.

The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

To some it up: You are a terrorist, deal with it, because:

Concrete facts are not necessary

Austria censoring the web

Austria is being ridiculous again. If you denounce a website of containing “criminal content” internet access providers will be forced to censor them. According to the Supreme Court there is no need for a right holder to prove that there are any violations of rights.

So basically Austria goes back to pre-ancient times when it comes to the foundation of constitutionality, like where the burden of proof lies.

Actually it is more than that. Even if you could prove things wrong it doesn’t matter.


US and Russian news - Equally embarrassing

How are the people proud about their country?

Arizona execution takes nearly 2 hours

Next to being a horrible, cruel, backward and disgusting thing to do it capital punishment costs about 20 Million USD in each case!

New Surveillance Whistleblower: Another Way the NSA Violates the Constitution

John Napier Tye is speaking out to warn Americans about illegal spying. The former State Department official, who served in the Obama administration from 2011 to 2014, declared Friday that ongoing NSA surveillance abuses are taking place under the auspices of Executive Order 12333, which came into being in 1981, before the era of digital communications, but is being used to collect them promiscuously. Nye alleges that the Obama administration has been violating the Constitution with scant oversight from Congress or the judiciary. 

"The order as used today threatens our democracy," he wrote inThe Washington Post. “I am coming forward because I think Americans deserve an honest answer to the simple question: What kind of data is the NSA collecting on millions, or hundreds of millions, of Americans?”

Executive Order 12333 is old news to national-security insiders and the journalists who cover them, but is largely unknown to the American public, in part because officials have a perverse institutional incentive to obscure its role. But some insiders are troubled by such affronts to representative democracy. A tiny subset screw up the courage to inform their fellow citizens.  

(Source: antigovernmentextremist)