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"Spooky" Quantum Entanglement Reveals Invisible Objects

They think about using this to makes x-ray picture of people without those any x-rays ever hitting them. Sounds weird!

Wanna know what’s really going on in your country?

Wanna know what’s really going on in your country?

Other than that see:

Just ignore all the propaganda for their own country. As usual.

Did you know that the term Warsaw Pact was actually coined as a form of propaganda by the US and and NATO states?

The actual name was Treaty of Friendship, Co-operation, and Mutual Assistance or short short Warsaw Treaty.

It was the counterpart of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), which thought Pact sounds more evil.

It’s weird that it made it into the history books.

ICREACH: How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google -

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My Favorite German Words, My Barber and I

by Ed M Wood (x)

Actually the Naschkatze is slightly wrong. It comes from “naschen”, which doesn’t mean gnash, but “eating sweet stuff” or candies. You sometimes use it for non-sweet stuff but in a more symbolic way. Basically naschen is the counterpart for essen (eating) in the sense that you don’t eat something for hunger.

الحب و الحياة في وقت قصير